BrushMasterV Cytology Brush - Single Use (BC-V600P-3010)


Cytology Brush

BrushMasterV Cytology Brush - Single Use (BC-V600P-3010)

The single-use Olympus BrushMasterV Cytology Brush delivers improved fluoroscopic visibility with dual radiopaque markers at each end of the brush. The distal wire-guided design provides excellent stricture passage and precisely targeted brushing.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal brush strength: The brush is the ideal strength for improved specimen collection.
  • Optimal stiffness: The brush's combination of stiffness and flexibility ensures optimal pushability and smooth passage through the stricture.
  • V-System compatibility: BrushMasterV brushes are equipment with V-Markings and C-Hook for integration with the V-System for ERCP.

Product Support

Working Length: 190 mm
Brush Length: 10.0 mm
Brush Diameter: 3.0 mm
Minimum Channel Size: 3.2 mm
Compatible Scopes: JF, TFJ
Sheath Design: Distally wire-guided
Package: 1 per box, sterile
Use: Single use

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