Single-Use Splinting Tube (ST-SB1)


Splinting Tube

Single-Use Splinting Tube (ST-SB1)

As part of the innovative Olympus Single Balloon Enteroscope (SBE) System, the single-use ST-SB1 hydrophilic-coated silicone splinting tube ensures outstanding insertion and therapeutic access to the deep small intestine and eliminates the risks associated with latex allergies. Radiopaque materials in the distal end of the tube enable effective position confirmation under fluoroscopy.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding, latex-free insertion: The smooth-glide, hydrophilic-coated silicone splinting tube allows for easy insertion and therapeutic access to the deep small intestine.

  • Effective positioning: Radiopaque materials in the distal end enable effective position confirmation of the splinting tube’s tip under fluoroscopy.

  • Latex Free: The ST-SB1 is made of silicone, eliminating the risks associate with latex allergies.



Product Support

Use: Single use
Outer Diameter: 13.2 mm

Inner Diameter: 11.0 mm
Working Length: 1320 mm
Material: Latex-free hydrophilic-coated silicone


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